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Semi Permanent Make-Up

Semi Permanent Make Up Eyebrow treatment Prices

Powder Eyebrows: Too Perfect To Be Pencil £250
Combination Eyebrows: Hairstroke & Powder Effect £275
Hair Stroke Eyesbrows: Full hairstroke brows £275
Microblading Eyebrows: Finest natural hair strokes £250
Ombre Brows : Combo of Block, Powder & hairstrokes £350
(Can take three treatments)

Eyeliner Treatment Prices

Eyeliner Top £195
Eyeliner Bottom £195

Eyeliner top & bottom
Medium Eyeliner but still subtle £295

Permanent Make Up Lip treatment Prices
Lip Liner: a simple liner to perfect and define your border £250
Lip Blush: A border with a blending of tint colour £295
Full 3D Lip Pout: A definite crisp border with lighter
Colours blending to middle of lip creating a 3D lip
pouting effect (Normally three sessions) £350

All prices include full Consultation, first treatment, 6 week top up and aftercare.

Yearly top ups/colour boosts are available at half the full treatment price and this will normally be a one off two hour session