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Face & Body

>Bee Venom Facial
The potent bee venom is a a strong combination of Enzymes, peptides and amino acids, that work on all levels of the skin encouraging naturally occurring cell regeneration. It also boosts collagen which also helps repair damaged skin, lastly it strengthens body tissue and elastins helping the skin stay firm and youthful. This treatment is perfect for those with acne damage, those wanting to reduce fine lines and wrinkles or simply to give the skin a healthy looking glow. A firm favourite for royals and celebrities this treatment is now available at Elements at a cost of £45.00


Taster Facial

Time Duration: 30 Minutes


An introductory facial to provide an instant pick me up for any occasion.

SKN-RG is a revolutionary skincare regime that works in a completely new way.
Rather than sitting on the skin, providing superficial anti-ageing benefits and enhanced sensory feeling;
SKN-RG is delivered direct to where skin cells are produced and where it is needed most.
The founders creation of Quanta® Technology enabled them to successfully create the worlds first range of
products that can give high performance without compromise.
No toxic fillers or harmful ingredients.
No petrochemicals including; Propylene Glycol, PEGS, and mineral oils.
No animal ingredients.
No harsh preservatives including Parabens and Phenoxyethanol.
No fragrances or colours of synthetic origin.
No filling or bulking agents.
No plastic beads or any ingredients made from plastics, vinyl’s or nylons.
No genetically modified ingredients (GMO).
No cleansing agents including SLS (Sodium Laureth Sulphate) and associated derivatives.
No harmful emulsifiers and thickeners including, Polysorbate.
No lactose, wheat or gluten.
No Sodium PCA or Na PCA.
SKN_RG Facial (1 hour) £45.00
SKN_RG Targeted treatment for eyes (45 minutes) £30.00
SKN_RG taster facial (30 minutes)